Parks Information

River Island Park- Reservations

River Island Park was “Dedicated to past community leaders for the enjoyment of future generations” on August 12, 2003 by the Star Prairie Fish & Game. This park is along the Apple River in the Village of Star Prairie. The park has a walking path along the river with park benches along the way. There is an existing foundation which supported a pre-1860 grist/flour mill that memorial stones of past community members have been placed. An arched bridge crosses a spring fed creek that runs into the Apple River. You may rent the 30’ x 40’ shelter for your event from April through October. It has 6 double electrical outlets, 10 picnic tables under the shelter and two large charcoal post grills just outside the shelter. There is one more small charcoal post grill along the path on the river. Reservations for the upcoming year will start the first working day of the calendar year. More information included on reservation form. FORM - 2024 RIVER ISLAND RESERVATION

Village Ballpark- Reservations

Village of Star Prairie Ballpark is located off of CTH H. There is a ball field that is used by little league baseball and both fast pitch and slow pitch softball games. If you want to use this field on your rental day, mark "softball field requested" on your reservation form and we will check to see if the field is available that day. There is a playground for kids of all ages. The 40’ x 80’ shelter (and stage) is available to rent from April through October. There are 10 double electrical outlets, 34 picnic tables under the shelter and one small charcoal post grill located outside the shelter. Reservations for the upcoming year will start the first working day of the new calendar year. More information included on reservation form. BALLPARK RESERVATION FORM

There are bathroom facilities located at each Park during the rental months. Due to the threat of freezing, the bathrooms at both River Island Park and the Ballpark are closed from November through March.

Please contact the Village Office to see if your requested rental date is available (715) 248-7231. You will have 10 days to complete your form, send fees to the Village to keep your date. If form/fees are not turned into the Village within 10 days, the date will be opened for rental. All rentals require a $50 damage deposit, returnable (or shredded) after your event if there is no damage or cleaning needed.  Current Ballpark Rental Fee Schedule:  Non-Resident $100 and Resident $50.

If you would like to advertise your business in the Ballpark outfield, please contact the Village Office for more information or more information can be found on this information sheet. Outfield Advertising

Saratoga Springs Park

25 acres with a brook and natural springs running through it, three bridges to cross, a pine plantation and a maze of walking trails make-up Saratoga Springs Park. This unique park was donated to the Village of Star Prairie by Margaret Lyngass in 1989 in memory of her late husband Matt. It is located approximately a ¼ mile down Saratoga Avenue from STH 65 on the south side of the road. Some of history that remains in this park are a clay crock in the spring brook used for food storage, an old hotel foundation, car drive shafts used as fence posts and part of a dam that held spring water back for recreation. Enjoy your hike! Saratoga Springs Park