River Island Deck Replaced- Thank you to Star Prairie Fish & Game!

Attached are photos from the River Island Park project. Photo credit: Dan Scheeringa

The tear off was completed by Craig Matthys, Tom Johnson and myself (Dan Scheeringa). 

Star Prairie Fish and Game members completed the installation.

SPF&G members involved were: Erv Ericksen, Diz Madsen, John Peterson, Chuck Magoon, Bill Jasperson, Chuck Frawley

In the group photos, the SPF&G members are (l to r) Diz Madsen, Chuck Magoon, John Peterson and Erv Ericksen. 

The project was completed using a grant from Star Prairie Fish and Game to purchase materials. The village was able to procure materials for $200 less than the maximum of the $1835 grant request, and have enough left over lumber to replace decking on a couple of the fishing docks along the Apple River in the park next spring. 

Village employees Amanda Engesether, Nathan Licht and Martin Schwan were instrumental in the logistics helping get this project moving

Big thanks to all volunteers! 

-Trustee & Park Committee Chair Dan Scheeringa